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Running With Scissors

December 28, 2005

Death by Su Doku

I'm dying a slow death by Su Doku. It's painful and horrific. I can't take it anymore!

Su Doku, I'm addicted! Is there a 12-step plan or a rehab clinic for Su Doku? I'm so addicted I'm kicking the books in the ass. I'm actually GOOD at it and solve 9 out of 10 puzzles. It's taking over my life though. It's like heroine. HEROINE! I need to find the creator of Su Doku and kick his ASS! He's either an evil genius or the man I want to marry. I can't decide.

For those of you who don't know what Su Doku us you must try it! But, if you have an addictive personality, which, unbelievably, I don't, then don't even go there! If I'm addicted then anyone with an addictive personality is in trouble! It's something you'll lose sleep over, neglect your kids over, turn down sex for, call in sick to work for. It's HORRIBLE!

I love it.

Babe in Foodland

They're finally over! I am SOOO happy that the biggest food holidays of the year have finally ended. I think I may have gained about 5 pounds from all the damn cookies I've eaten! I'm in a sugar coma! I'm so bloated from the holiday food that I feel like a beached whale.

I guess the holidays weren't so bad, except I'm now broke. One of the highlights was that I got a lovely yeast infection. Thankfully there are fast cures over the counter for these horrific little nasties that I had to partake of. HOW did I get a yeast infection??? I guess holiday stress probably didn't help, and, OH YAH, the temporary menopausal drug I'm on drastically changing my hormones. Damn doctors...

The last thing to end the year is New Years Eve. I have a party to go to at a friend's house. Should be lots of fun. She always throws humdingers. I'm taking my boyfriend to this party, he's just arriving here today from Nevada. He's going to be living here now and he has no friends except little ole me. Poor guy is going to be thrown into the fire with these folks, several of which are co-workers of mine. I'm taking a cheesecake ball with graham cracker sticks as my contribution to the food. Nothing like fattening food to make a party better! I guess I gotta get some beer or vodka or some beverage to take. But I'm broke! Christmas sucks.

I got a couple of gifts this year that made me wonder what people were thinking. Okay, not really. I guess I mentioned that I might have either wanted or needed these things, but only mentioned it in passing a while ago. My boyfriend got me a toaster oven (how romantic). My parents got me a crockpot (gifted from my 15 year old son). Does EVERYONE I'm close to want me to cook for them? I enjoy cooking but only when it's not going to take a ton of prep work and I don't have to be on top of it the whole time it's cooking. Looks like these people know me. I'm glad they didn't get me something different actually. I can enjoy the benefits of these items for years to come. I do love to eat as do my son, my parents, and my boyfriend. Looks like we'll all be gaining some more weight. Crap.

Since D, my BF, arrives today I have a little cleaning to do. Yes, some housecleaning, but more importantly, some personal grooming, as I'm sure you can imagine. It's a tad time-consuming, but it's all worth it in the end! He's a genius downtown and I will do what he wants with that department, even dye it purple if he so chooses, as long as he doesn't deprive me of his spectacular talent! So, I must get busy! I only have a few hours before he arrives and LOTS to do besides the personal grooming thing. Gotta run...

December 24, 2005

Blue Christmas

It's 2:55 AM and I have no child home tonight and I'm sitting at my computer, blogging. It's Friday night/Saturday morning and I did nothing exciting. True, it is Christmas Eve and everyone is busy shopping their brains out, last minute, to make this Christmas a merry one. Why am I not then?

Good question, self.

I guess it's safe to say we all get a little bit of the "holiday blues" this time of year and I am no exception. I'm tired, cranky, exhausted and perpetually broke. I make good money, but there seems to be a leak in my wallet and checking account. Where DOES the money go?

The blues aren't helped by the fact that children want everything they see. Much as I want to give my son all that he desires, I don't have a money tree growing in my backyard. Wouldn't it be fabulous if someone actually created a hybrid tree of some sort that actually produced currency? I'd buy 10 of them! And buy more with the money that would grow!

Dreams...pipe dreams.

I know this Christmas will be fine. My son is getting some of the things he really wants and needs and I am grateful to be able to provide these things and grateful that I have a family who will provide as well and assure my son a good Christmas. Every kid deserves that much. Sad that all children can't have it. Makes me want to run out and adopt underprivelidged children from the four corners of the earth as well as here in the U.S.

It's just this time of year makes you reflect and realize that we don't have it so bad. Yes, gas prices are high, interest rates are going up and the middle class can't get a break. In the long run, we have to at least see that we have roof's over our heads, food in our tummy's and clothes to keep us warm. The best part is that we have family and friends to warm our hearts.

Strange, this coming from the woman who spews gratuitous nonsense and bitchiness, I know. I'm said woman and it's weird even for me. It's just late, and I'm sober, as usual, and I feel compelled to think about the state of my life and my family. I think everyone should reflect at the end of a year, most do in fact, that's how New Year's resolutions are born.

This year has been a tough one for me financially, but I am hoping to bust out of my sack of dreariness and rise above it all, make more money and manage it much better. A new job may be on the horizon and I hope it pans out. 2006 should start off well and I hope to help it along to be even better.

So to all who are reading my drivel, I'm sorry I'm not bitching up a storm of sex and vomitous remarks. You'll have to forgive me...or not. Do what you will, but have a decent holiday and hug your kid for me.

December 23, 2005

Okay, so I'm easy

KB commented that I should have chosen Jessica Rabbit as my profile image so I changed it from Betty Boop to Jessica Rabbit.

Okay, I'm easy! I am easily swayed and talked into things. Must be why I have a 15 year old son and no dad paying me child support! YES, I'M AN IDIOT AS WELL! Kinda goes hand in hand with being easy doesn't it?

Don't let this change your opinion of me. I'm much older and wiser now. I'm not the bubble headed 19 year old that I was when I became knocked up. I have become a hard, shrewd working woman (NO, not a hooker!) who is known for getting the job done (get your mind outta the gutter!) and being reliable.

That being said, yes I'm STILL easy, but mostly when it comes to my boyfriend who thinks he need only to walk through the door for my legs to open. But give me a break! I'm in my sexual prime! Besides, what man would turn down hot, lusty sex from a woman who promises a clean workspace and a drawn out BJ when he gets home from a long day of work, including a warm meal with that booty (again, mind out of the gutter, I'm talking about food).

So, I guess Jessica Rabbit properly conveys my sexual prime and the sensuality I feel when my boyfriend home. I think it is his pheromones, but it could be his fat meat pole filling my tight little hole (he wanted me to write that).

See, easy.

Stop the Insanity!

No, I'm not talking about Susan Powter, though she needs to die.

I'm talking about Christmas. Damn, where did the year go so fast? I can't believe it's almost 2006! I don't like this...somebody needs to stop this insanity! Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve!!! I'm not ready!!! HELP!!!!

It's still me, only BETTAH!!!

I don't know if many of you put your real names on your blog or post your picture. That's what I did when I first started my blog. Then my friend KB changed her pic and her name to protect herself in case her boss found her blog.

That got me thinking. My dad is 59, retired, with loads of time on his hands, and addicted to websurfing. I couldn't let him plug my name into a search engine and find my blog where I talk about my activities such as my pubic hair removal and my love of the word fuck. So, in the spirit of the witness protection program, I changed my name to The Divine Ms. M (sorry Bette), because my name begins with M, and I changed my photo to Betty Boop because I've always thought she epitomized ethereal sexiness (if I lived in Toon Town). I would love to be a sexy bitch, even if in cartoon form.

I suppose I should have chosen Jessica Rabbit. Now she's one SEXY cartoon bitch! Roger Rabbit wasn't just a rabbit in a pocket, he WUZ happy to see her. He apparently got to burrow in her hole, rabbit fucking her with his teenie weenie for about 5 seconds until he blew his wad.

That being said, now I can swear and talk about sex and bitch and moan all I want with the cover of anonymity. Ah, how exciting to know I don't have to worry about my pop getting pissed and bitching me out for being obscene. "I protect the innocent" I would say, if he ever figured it out (not likely). I don't give names other than my dog's. I would LUV to out people's ridiculous behavior, however I like to think I have a litte more class and scruples, though it may not appear so in my blog postings.

I'm just glad you're stopping by to read my stuff and I hope you keep coming by to check out my latest thoughts, rants and stories. I plan on writing a few short stories, I enjoy doing so. I promise they won't be too vile, though I won't be holding back my imagination so strike that.


WTF! I got a fucking ticket for running a red light! IN THE FUCKING MAIL! How ridiculous. It was 7:41 AM while I was on my way to work and I entered (I said 'entered' LOL) the intersection while the light had been red 0.71 seconds. Is this legal???? WTF!?

I have to pay $70 by 12/30/05. If you live in Duluth, GA or ever driven thru there you know what assholes the Duluth police officer's are. NO ONE gets a break. I suppose if they had actual CRIME to worry about then those of us just trying to get to work might get a break...oh wait, they do have crime...they have the Runaway Bride in Duluth. How could I forget? She's a violent felonious criminal! Take the bitch DOWN and let me get to work for fuck's sake!

December 22, 2005

Here klitty, klitty! Time to FRY!!

I don't know about most men, but my BF really likes a clean work space when he's going down under. He's not the first to appreciate a hairless pie. I don't mind it myself as it definitely heightens the sensitivity of the surrounding area of the button he so likes to push. Plus, no hair to get pulled when your getting the key shoved in your lock!

The real issue is, what method of hair removal is the best at removing, in total, said bush? Wax? Shaving? Cream? Laser? There are several options and I have some ill favorites. They go in this order from least to most prefered methods...

1. Laser (because I haven't had it done yet, but I hear it feels like a rubber band snapping)
2. Shaving (shaving bumps/rash/cuts...enuff sed)
3. Waxing (R U Kidding??)
4. Creams (EZ...Painless...just a tad odiferous)

As you can see I prefer creams to the more painful methods. But don't let me kid you. Creams can cause pain too. Obviously if you get them in your eyes you're gonna beg for the doctor to rip your eyeballs out with pliers. If you have a cut, you're gonna swear a blue streak of "fucks," "holy fucking shit's," and "mother-fucker!" Yah, it hurts like a son-of-a-bitch when that happens.

But there may be something that is little known out there except to those of us who prefer creams. Getting it on your button burns like hellfire! Oh yes, a flame thrower has been pointed at your hoohah and DAMN does it sting-NAY-BURN your pretty little klitty to a bright pink, painful pad of flesh. Oh, Whoa does your poor little tootie hurt! Forget about your boyfriend having his fun with it. You can't PEE let alone let even think of letting him get his tongue on it!


Tho I still choose to creme remove my bush, I must caution those with little or no experience using these easy to use dapilatories...COVER THE CLIT UP, SISTER!! Put vaseline or something on it! It will thank you, and so will your BF!

Turd soup anyone?

I know many of us are dog lovers, I'm no exception. I have a sweet little Jack Russell Terrier named Phoebe. She doesn't bark, which I know is an anomaly for little dogs. I don't know why she doesn't, but she doesn't. Hey I am SO not complaining here!

Phoebe, being small, needs to go outside about 3 times a day. I make sure I take her out as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning, no matter how crusted shut my eyes are. Now, being that it is winter, it's fucking freezing in the wee hours of the morning. We go out before the sun rears it's head so I'm bundled up like an Eskimo. You're probably laughing at me because, if you have read my profile, you know I live in the South. Yes, I know it's supposed to be warmer in the South, but not with fucking Arctic cold fronts coming through ALL THE FUCKING TIME. It's generally in the low 30's when I take Phoebe out so my tits are in a perpetual state of T.H.O. and my ears and nose are becoming hypothermic.

This morning was no exception. Except, when I got up, Phoebe had left me a lovely little present by the back door. Apparently I slept a couple minutes longer than she wanted to wait, my punishment for actually sleeping at night...bad dog owner! So, we went out and she wanted to run and sniff every place possible. Who knows? There might have been some unknown dog pissing in our grass or even taking a dump the day before. That's worth the sniff! In Phoebe's mind I think she was thinking "I wonder what they're eating...their shit is so aromatic!" If I were a dog I suppose another dog's smelly shit would be heaven. At least Phoebe thought so...she dug under some pine straw and found something that appealed to her senses and her appetite. Another dog's huge dog turd! Oh JOY!

Needless to say I'm fighting her mouth open to make her spit this lump of crap out and she's fighting me back. I finally got her to drop the fragrant feces, or so I thought. She was chewing on something at the back of her throat! OH NO!!! It was SOOOO gross!

Nothing I could do about it. I just decided that I wouldn't be letting her breath her shit breath in my face.

Now, I was so grossed out and somewhat pissed in the early morning dawn. I dragged her tiny ass back to the house and went inside where I gave her water. Then I proceeded to unload the dishwasher. As I stepped back to close it I stepped in something and almost tripped over Phoebe. What do you know...she threw up shit. Imagine how lovely it is coming out from the other direction! It was a lovely shit brown soup with lumps of dog turd.

Are you now as hungry as I'm not?
Oh, being a dog owner is SO rewarding at times!

Why DO dogs like to eat other dogs' crap? They like to sniff other dogs butts, we know this, but are they just sniffing to see if they can then go out and identify their next meal, waiting patiently on the ground to be gobbled up? What if we, as humans, had to do this to find our next meal? How vile would that be. We might end up being the ones vomiting shit soup, complete with turd fragments.

I think I'd rather die of starvation.

December 19, 2005

"I'm Not An Animal!"

I'm going to kick Kelly's ass...she has tagged me like an animal! Just wait Kel, I'm a comin' for ya!

Okay, I guess I'm supposed to list 5 weird habits I have and then tag 5 others to do the same, and so on and so forth. I hope I don't tag people who have already been tagged...this could backfire on everyone who blogs because it appears we all seem to talk to each other!

  1. I talk to my boyfriend 4-5 times a day, he lives in Las Vegas, I live in Atlanta.
  2. When I don't have to work, I don't shower! I have no energy so why waste it on showering when I'm not going anywhere anyway! Now, if I DO happen to leave the house, if I look okay, I won't shower, but if my hair is sticking up and doing weird things, then I'll shower.
  3. I'm a serious bargain shopper. I try to only buy things that are on sale.
  4. I'm obsessed with my teeth. They have to be white and they have to be clean! They're my best feature so don't judge me!
  5. I watch gruesome medical shows with avid interest, grossing everyone else out.

Okay, now that that's done. Who's next?

The Pissed Kitty Cometh
Because I laugh my ass off...she's gotta have some good ones.

Toxic Twat
She gave me curse words in foreign languages!

The Adventures of Twatwaffle Jones
She gets me.

Bored Housewife
She has some serious talent!

A Redhead in Austin
I like her blog...

December 18, 2005

Potty Mouth Strikes Again!

SO my sister and her family arrive in town tonight and I am elected to drive the 40-odd minutes to the airport to pick them up. I have no problem with this at all. I would be the first to get my hands on the cutest nephew ever who is not even three and is ready to enter MIT for a double Phd in Molecular Biomechanical Engineering and Geothermal Nuclear Physics. Though he is smarter than his not unintelligent auntie, he is still adorable as hell.

Now, remember how much I love the "F" word? I love "shit," "damn," "piss," and "hell" just as much. In fact, they roll off my tongue just as easily as the "F" word does so they are virtually embedded in my vocabular. Knowing this about me, I suppose you know what I'm about to tell you. Yes, it's true...Potty Mouth strikes again...and again...and again....and, YES, AGAIN. I thought my sister was going to reach over while I was driving and shove a bar of soap into my mouth to A. punish me for "cursing" in front of the smartest, most adorable child the world has ever seen, and B. to shut me up.

You see, not only am I a potty mouth, I'm a talker. A BIG talker. I don't know when to shut up. In fact, my son gets extremely irritated by what he says is my "need to fill dead air." Yes, I suppose I do have that need. Especially when the silence is deafening and there is a desperation in the air for something, anything, to fill that gaping void. After reading my posts I'm sure it is clearly evident that I will most likely never learn to keep my mouth shut and let the glorious silence ensue, nor will I be able to refrain from cursing a blue streak while filling that dreaded dead air.

Now I wonder, as I always do, does God exist and, now, will he strike me down where I stand for tainting the delicate sensibilities of the world's most precious, adorable, brain-blessed child? Will I burn for all eternity in the fiery chasms of the seventh layer of Hell for burning the poor child's ears with my profane mouth?

I think not.

I DID NOT ONCE SAY "FUCK" IN FRONT OF SWEET, ADORABLE, SAID BRAIN-BLESSED CHILD. For this I applaud myself. It's tough for me to hold back on that one. I can't get enough of this sweet little guy and I don't want to make him a devil spawn, leaving a trail of fiery curse vomit in his wake. Now my sister, knowing me for the last 35 years of my life, was exasperated with me. Why IS this? She KNOWS my potty mouth is ingrained and going NOwhere fast. The funniest part of this is that my nephew was strapped down like an electro-shock therapy patient in his monstrosity of a car seat in the backseat of my car. Now this means, while driving on the noisy interstate for 40+ minutes, with his dad keeping him occupied, chatting it up with him, that he heard not ONE word of my vile, filthy, vomitous rhetoric spewed at my sister up in the front seat with me. I explained that he could not hear us, but she would have NONE of it. She told me she would have to tape my mouth shut, if I couldn't refrain from cleaning it up for a week. GASP!!... GOD... FOR... BID!!!

I can do this . I am not THAT dysfunctional. I CAN refrain from using curse words. I CAN!!!!! I would do anything to keep it clean for the week my nephew is in town for the holidays. YES, I CAN AND WILL DO THIS! I WILL NOT CURSE FOR THE NEXT WEEK!

What? You don't believe me? HA! Is that a...why, it cannot be! Yes, yes I believe the gauntlet has been thrown down. A challenge of unearthly proportions , of a magnitude never before seen, has been put to me! Can I, potty mouth to end all potty mouths, refrain from spewing hell-vomit for 7 days? Oh, you bet your sweet ass I can!

But, hey! Don't count anything you've read here. The challenge will not begin until I walk through my parents' door today, December 17th! Let's begin this challenge anytime after 12 noon EST as that will most likely be when I arrive there. My 15 year old son will be my chaperone in my efforts. He's somewhat virtuous in the cursing arena, at least much more than I. I will use the honor code and let you know if I REALLY can keep my potty mouth "shit-free."

Therefore, stay tuned....I will let you know each day if I am succeeding in the universe's most challenging test of all!!

Dear friends...wish me some good "f-ing" luck!

December 15, 2005

This World Tires Me

*Too many cars.

*Too many people rushing around.

*Too many channels to watch on t.v.

*Too many people at work to get to know.

*Too many demands from my clients.

*Too many demands from my teenager.

*Too many dickholes to deal with.

As much as the world may tire me, I hope to one day acquire enough energy for...

*Having a lot more sex (wait, I have enuff for that!).

*Singing my lungs out and tap dancing till my feet fall off.

*Verbally and physically beating some deserving beotch down... just once.

*bitch-slapping my younger sister...a lot.

*FORCE FEEDING my skinny-ass younger sister so she would get FAT.

*Kicking my dad in the shins for being a controlling ass.

*Kicking my mother in the ass for putting up with his shit.

*Getting off the medication I'm on so I wouldn't be in temporary menopause anymore.

*Ripping out the uterus of my gynecologist for putting me on it.

*Having MY uterus removed so my pain would go away.

*Beating my teenage son severely so he would understand that I'M IN CHARGE.

I need energy and big, hairy balls to accomplish all these things. but because I'm bone weary and have no balls to speak of...I'll have to keep dreaming about doing them.

Someday a few of these items will definitely come off this list as completed.
Stay tuned.......

December 14, 2005

God is definitely NOT a woman

I'm having the holiday season from hell...God is definitely not a woman.

  • My bod is falling apart...
  • My hair is falling out, but I'm growng hair in unacceptable places!
  • My doc put me in temporary menopause...that beotch!
  • My dog never wants to come in from a walk in this fucking cold ass weather...
  • My boyfriend won't be here for Christmas...NO SEX!
  • My ass is getting bigger...
  • My boobs are drooping more...
  • My nose won't quit running...
  • I can't get rid of a fucking annoying headache...(an actual headache, not my boyfriend or my kid)

And last, but not least....

  • My job sucks

Now I don't mean to be a whiney bitch, but lets face it, that's exactly what I'm being right now. But I have a fucking right to be, after all I AM in fake, temporary menopause you fuckers! Life is a bitch and, for now, so am I so deal with it!!

It's cold as fucking hell right now. I live in the South for fuck's sake, it's not supposed to get this fucking cold! To ease your mind, NO, I'm not a redneck. I'm from Illinios originally where it's even fucking colder (suckers!). I'm happy to be living in a warmer climate, but I loathe those damn arctic cold fronts. Why the hell do I have to live in a state that is the recipient of such nipple hardening temperatures? I have constant T.H.O. and it's goddamned embarrassing if you have big tits like I do. I probably scare everyone at my office or freak out the 15 year old friends of my son when they come to my house. Poor kids, how will they ever recover???

One of the worst things is that I haven't even begun shopping yet. That's probably because I'm broke like I find myself EVERY FUCKING CHRISTMAS. My extended family keeps getting bigger and makes it more and more difficult to be able to present my son with the OH so expensive gifts he wants each year. Why does everything have to be so expensive and why do kids think they have to have THE most expensive stuff out there? Spoiled...they are fucking spoiled and we, as parents, help them get this way, but not as much as grandparents do. I say we put these kids to work and make them present US, as parents, with the gifts that we want! I'd like a stripper pole in my bedroom please!

Why does this fucking holiday season have to be so exhausting!? Because commercialism makes it that way. With technology allowing us to be able to shop online WAY TOO FUCKING many people are STILL shopping at malls and shops. I hate this because:

  1. they arrive when the doors open and the place stays full till closing time.
  2. Always, always, ALWAYS there are cars jamming up the roads with people trying to get to the malls, get home from the malls, get from one mall to a-fucking-nother!

Son of a BITCH! I can't even go to the damn grocery store for tampons without it taking a fucking hour or more just to get there! To all you shoppers who aren't being smart and utilizing online shopping portals...



(Sorry, that last line was somewhat graphic)

Now I know some of you won't have the opportunity to do your shopping online so you're exempt from the sentiments of my rant.

So, my usual sentiments apply. Have a nice fucking day my friends. I love you all...Merry F'ing Chrismas and Fuck you very much!

December 11, 2005

Bimbo's and rich dumbass men

What is it with young, twentysomething girls? If they're thin and pretty, or even cute, they think their smokin' hot! Well, I don't mind that so much, but what I do mind is how they use their "hotness" to pick up available, and some not so available, men. But I'm not talking about the good kind of guy. I'm talking about the not so hot, or even ugly, loser who buys the Mercedes or Porsche just to pick up these type of shallow women. Women who, no doubt, can't wait to start reaping the benefits of these wealthy, ridiculous men who probably have dicks the size of tootsie rolls or they wouldn't need the fancy cars to pick up women.

What is it with these two types of people? Have they NO self respect? It's enough to make a person hurl, but it also is difficult to enjoy a night out when these hot women command a room by showing almost all of their assets in their microscopic clothing. I mean, you can't help but stare at these train wrecks in awe. They're freaks, and they cause commotion which disrupts my good time with friends. I don't need to pick up a guy in a bar, I would rather die. These women use these men and then make them think all women are users. Well boys (at least those with the big cars and tiny penises)...You ain't helping keep sane women's opinions of men in a good light either. Why can't these bimbos stop using their tits and stop thinking of dollar signs? And why can't these loser men stop thinking of said tits and stop using their cars/money to get dates. You're all shallow folk and I think you all need to be moved to another planet to breed your type so the rest of us sane folk can lead our lives, freak free!!!

Rednecks, Evangelicals and Bush

Okay, be prepared. I'm about to rant. I live in Georgia, part of the heart of the bible belt of the South. Oh..My..God. This place is a contradiction if I've ever seen one. Rednecks populate some of Atlanta (where I live) and all of the rural towns which are very wooded. Think "Deliverance." Are you hearing the banjo yet??? Okay, since these people live in wooded areas, drive their big, old, rusted pickup trucks, hunt lovely woodland creatures for sport, love Jesus beyond any doubt and don't believe in evolution, they also worship George Bush. Here is where the contradiction comes into play if you ask me. Bush is all about giving tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy (those earning over $200K annually). The problem that bothers me is these corporations are given huge tax breaks to send jobs overseas, thus eliminating work for these rednecks who work the blue collar jobs. Okay, here's the rest. They don't earn over $200K, they've just gotten laid off so that their job can be done by Sanjeev in India...yet they love and adore the man who has caused it all. Go f*cking figure. In my opinion, there's been just too much inbreeding to keep their minds from functioning in it's intended manner. RATIONALLY!

Have A Nice F**king Day!

I have never blogged before, so this is a new experience completely! I hope nobody bashes me too bad! But I'll start with one of the things that comes natural to me and that is saying four letter words. I've got a potty mouth. I'm not ashamed to admit it or tell anyone who cares. I can't help myself. I have young nephews whom I constantly have to watch my language around so let me tell you I'll be happy when they get old enough for me to just let 'er rip!!! It's exhausting to say darn instead of damn and shoot instead of shit or freak instead of f**k. Come on! They're just f**king words! People give them meaning. They infer their meanings. I just use them to add color to my conversations and rhetoric. It's quite lovely actually...very freeing to say the least! It gives you a confidence boost too. I think we should just add them to our everyday language and call it a day. Really! Who the f**k cares??? I wasn't much of a "curser" when I was younger, but I made the mistake of working temporarily in a factory setting while in college. Was that ever an education in utilizing the word "F**K!" It was fantastic! It stuck too, I haven't been able to drop the curse words from my vocab at all, but I quit trying to. Maybe when I'm older I'll give it the old college try, but for now...Have a great f**kin' day!