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September 23, 2006

Lonely Weekend for Me

I'm all alone this weekend.

My son went to a friend's house to spend the weekend. It's his friend's 16th birthday and since we live so damn far from everyone now it's just easier to let him stay there for the weekend, at their invitation, than for me to go pick him up every day of the weekend. It's about a 65 mile round trip. Sucks living in a spread out city like ATL.

The man, D, flew to Tuscon Thursday to his parents' house. He was surprising them, as they were driving down to Mexico for a long weekend. His mother had expressed that she wanted us to go, but since I have no one to come up to BFE to stay with Jack to make sure he gets up and goes to school and doesn't smoke up the house with ganja, plus the fact that I just got out of the hospital a week ago, I am here. Yah, life can be a huge, syphalitic byotch.

So he's in Mexico with his parents and his sister and her husband. J, my son, is hanging with a bunch of his friends for the weekend. I'm now alone. Blogging. Listening to my iPod.

To be fair, I am going to dinner with one of my good friends tonight. We're going to see either the Black Dahlia or Hollywoodland, unless we make an impromptu decision to go see Jackass II. Um, that was a joke in case you weren't sure. I would rather put hot pokers up my rectum than watch that fucking ridiculous shit. Damn, would that hurt!

I have no idea where to go to eat. I'm always up for sushi, but my friend may decided she's not. She usually is, but the last time I wanted sushi she didn't. Hmmmm. It's a quandry. We'll figure it out I'm sure. But, I also have to be conscious of my diet since I just got out of the hospital. I'm supposed to eat lowfat to avoid getting pancreatitis again. Ok, no big deal. That's how I generally eat.

Except last night.

I went to Super Wally World and got one of their kick ass deli pizzas. It was less than $7 for a 16 inch pizza. Can't get that anwhere else. Plus those fucking pizzas are what dreams are made of. I kid you not. I reveled in that bitch last night. I ate 3 fucking peices of pepporoni pizza. So much for low-fat. This morning, for breakfast, I had 2 more. I am a gluttonous pig!

I think I need to go find some new clothes to wear to work now. Since it's now the 3rd day of fall I can say I've definitely noticed a slight chill in the air. It's getting down in the lower 60's at night so it's a tad chilly when I leave for work at 6:30 in the morning. I thought I might get some long sleeve button downs for work and maybe a couple of sweaters, plus a pair or two of new shoes. They are needed, trust me. I hate to buy clothes while I'm still a fucking stay-puffed marshmellow woman. It pisses me off, but I guess I should do something about it like NOT EAT FUCKING PIZZA BY MYSELF.

I'm a moron.

Even worse, tomorrow night my parents have invited me and the kid to their house for dinner. Meatloaf, potatoes and carrots. That is comfort food from hell to me. I love that stuff. My mom's meatloaf is so much better than any other I've ever had. I'm sure it's not lowfat by any stretch of the imagination. But, it's so good! The flavor of that fucking meatloaf almost makes me cream my panties. I do not lie about that. In fact, just typing this I am imagining that damn meatloaf and I think I feel a tad moist now. OOOH!

Ok, now I've had my O for the day, what are ya'll doing this weekend?


At 9/23/2006 5:04 PM , Blogger Nihilistic said...

I wish we were doing something...but seems we are sitting around...blahh...I'm bored!

At 9/23/2006 5:19 PM , Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Hollywoodland is a better choice than Dahlia. Just saying!

At 9/24/2006 9:13 PM , Blogger Ms. M said...

nihilistic: I'm usually doing nothing on the weekend too. I'm a big bore. The man likes to lay around in our tempurpedic and vegetate!

Mr.F: Hollywoodland was my first choice, but we couldn't make the time we wanted so saw the Black Dahlia. It was so many plots within plots that I got a little lost, but my gutt was killing me while the movie was on so my full attention was not on the movie. Guess I'm not ready to get out of the house for entertainment yet. Damn pancreatitis.

At 9/25/2006 3:53 AM , Blogger Jerrster said... talking about meatloaf got me that wrong?

At 9/25/2006 8:31 PM , Blogger Ms. M said...

Jerr: A goof meatloaf would make me hard if I were a guy. As it was, Mama's meatloaf, if it were a guy, would have been just what the poonani ordered...mmmmmm!



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