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Running With Scissors

June 30, 2006

Maybe we'll all learn sumthin!

I was at Mike's blog yesterday and he had posted a Meme that he got tagged for which is probably the best meme I've seen to date I decided to do it too. Check it.


1. Go to
2. In the Search box, type your birth month and day (but not year).
3. List three events that happened on your birthday.
4. List two important birthdays and one interesting death.
5. One holiday or observance (if any).


  1. 5509 BC - The world was created, according to the Byzantine Empire.
  2. 1752 - The Liberty Bell arrives in Philadelphia.
  3. 2004 - The Beslan school hostage crisis begins when armed terrorists take hundreds of schoolchildren and adults hostage in the Russian town of Beslan in North Ossetia.


  1. 1939 - Lily Tomlin, American actress and comedian
  2. 1950 - Dr. Phil, American television talk show host (not really an important birth...)


  1. 1715 - King Louis XIV of France (b. 1638)

Holiday or Observance:

Start of the season when oysters are fit to eat (when month names contain an "R"). Which is also the season to have a common cold.

I won't tag anyone. If you want to do this on your site please do so. I thought it was kind of educational!

June 28, 2006

Does It Really Take The Village?

I was reading Mike's post about parents dumping their kids at the mall as a baby sitter and how the parents should be held accountable for their children's aberrant behavior.

I tend to agree with what Mike said, but I have to give credence to my own personal experience, as the mother of a teenager, to his post.

My son was such a sweet and well behaved child (and still is) while growing up. I love that kid like nobody's business and I have raised him all by myself, no father, no nanny, no regular babysitter.

I had to work when he was young, in fact I had to quit school to raise him. I don't regret my decision to keep him when I found myself pregnant at 19. I wish I had been older and through college when that little oops happened, but I made the very best of a difficult situation.

I had so much stress while he was young. I know I wasn't the best mother (I had never been one before ya know!), but there was no mother in the world who loved her child more. His sweet little face and adorable laugh just made my heart practically burst with love all the time.

Being a single mom to my son he became very attached to me. I was young and stupid and still wanted to have fun, so a couple of weekends a month I would spend Saturday night out with the girls or on a date. I learned early on not to bring men around my son. Before you go thinking I had one night stands while he in the house just wipe that from your mind! I would never have done that to him. Just thinking of doing that makes me feel dirty, filthy. But, when I would start dating someone new I learned to keep my son and my boyfriend apart. They might have met each other, but they didn't spend time together. My thoughts were, if this relationship I'm in gets serious then I'll bring them together. In other words, if the relationship didn't have staying power, the two never met. Hence, my son never really met anyone I dated in his 16 years until Mr. D, whom we now live with.

Maybe I did him a disservice by keeping him isolated from my dating life, but I like to think I protected him from heart ache should the relationship have died. He wouldn't be attached to anyone he would never see again. I didn't want him grieving because of my stupidity.

As he entered middle school I started noticing that his personality was changing some. He started sleeping more, to which I attributed puberty and a growth spurt. He never would do his homework no matter how much I would take his things away from him or ground him. In fact, he started failing or barely scraping by in his classes. I got calls from his teachers and counselors, had parent/teacher conferences. I got tired of going to the school to discuss his lack of performance. He would get 100% on virtually every test he took, but he would never hand in homework or outside projects, do book reports where he would have to read a book. In fact, every book report he did in middle school I made sure I read the book too so I could help him with is report. I never did his homework, but I sure as heck helped him word several sentences so it didn't sound half assed.

My mother used to say to me that he seemed depressed. I just thought it was teen angst. I know hormones make kids do irrational things and think irrational thoughts. It is tough being a teenager if you all will remember. I chalked it up to that and continued to struggle with getting him up in the morning for school and getting him to do his school work. I didn't let him go and do, like many parents let their kids. I didn't "drop" him at the mall while I went to work. In fact, I rarely let him go to the mall. I hate going to the mall because of all the chaperone-less kids that run around and make noise and commotion. It's horribly annoying and I would be mortified if my son behaved in such a way. I let him go to the mall to movies (95% of the time I am with him), but I have let him go to the movies with his friends once in a while. I drop him off and pick him up as soon as it is over. I just don't trust some of these kids I see at the mall! The few times I let him hang out with some of his friends other boys have shown up and Jack got involved with them, unbeknownst to me, and was getting pot from them. That floored me.

My son had never done such a stupid thing. In fact, he's usually the only boy his friends' parents will let spend the night or come visit. He is polite and mannerly and generally fun to be around and parents like this. They feel safe letting their kids hang out with him. Unfortunately, again, I'm somewhat strict and he doesn't get to do much. Poor kid gets bored, and it turns out, he is clinically depressed so now he takes Lexapro. I wonder if I didn't help make him depressed by restricting his social life so much? Finding the pot plant he had hidden in his room pretty much made it even worse. He hasn't been to the mall in a long time and I don't let him go to any of his friend's houses anymore. I guess all trust is gone. It's a shame too. He's not even trying to build it back up, he just sits in his room, either sleeping, watching t.v. or playing video games. I don't want him to be a social hermit, but I just don't know who to trust and I'm afraid to trust him for now.

My sister let my 14 year old neice go to the mall a LOT. She is one of the kids that Mike referenced in his post, but my sister went with her a lot too. She did go with her friends a lot while my sister worked, but she stayed with my mother during the day while my sister worked so my mother let her go to the mall a lot with her friends, unsupervised. One night at the mall she and another girl shoplifted a $5 bracelet from a store. My neice didn't bet barred, but she got into trouble and got put on probation.

That girl has problems. My sister is a conscientious and good mother, but somehow, she lost control. Now my neice lives with her father in Illinois. We'll see if he can straighten her out. She's a disrespectful trainwreck!

This school year my son will start as a sophomore at brand new highschool since we moved to a new county. We live in a small town in a lightly populated county, only 20K people. It's very country in the North GA mountains so I'm hoping a little, small town will rub off on his urbanite brain. I hope he makes some great friends who are good kids with good heads on their shoulders with (hopefully!) conscientious parents. I'll be making a point of meeting every parent of every child he wants to spend time with. I can't let him fall back into drugs. His future depends on it.

I hope this post has let anyone who reads it see that good parents can have problems with their kids too. I have instilled good values, taught respect and tolerance, worked with him to set goals and try to meet them and he still was influenced by outsiders. Perhaps it's t.v., perhaps it's other peoples kids who haven't been given the structure that I have given my son. Just be aware that any child can change from a good one to a confused and trouble one that acts out to let us know they need help. They push their limits all the time and we have to reign them in. It's tough to do when you're a single parent, but I work my ass off trying to be a good parent to my son. I'm sure many other parents know just where I'm coming from.

June 27, 2006

Bustin' Out!

Hell-O my friends.
I am here to tell you that I finally got my weight loss journaling blog up and running.
It's called "FAT GIRL LIFE"
Go check it out!

June 26, 2006

What Better Place to Display the Ten Commandments???

This is fabulous!

With the uprising of Evangelical Christian vigor of our Congressmen, Stephen Colbert shows the utter stupidity of one sponsoring a bill to display the Ten Commandments in courthouses and Judicial halls. What a frickin' moron this guy is!

Ring Me Up Scottie! The Weight Is Going BYE BYE!

I went to the gyno today. Lucky I didn't have to "spread em," but she and I had a sit down about my current state of being after ending my Lupron Depot therapy. I had been in drug induced, temporary menopause to control the pain of Adenomyosis, also know as endometriosis within the muscles of the walls of my baby baker.

She told me my next option to control pain and my Aunt Flow visits was to go BACK on the pill. She asked me what I wanted to do to which I replied, "YANK IT OUT!"

She said, at the moment, my insurance probably wouldn't pay for it because I've been symptom free for six months thanks to Lupron. DAMMIT! So she reitered, the pill.


So, she gave me the option of NuvaRing as well.

NuvaRing = 3 visits from Aunt Flow a year = a very happy me.

It's supposed to control my pain as well, which I'm all for! As well I'm sure Mr. D will be happy too! I haven't had a visit from that bitch, Flow, in almost 8 months and now she won't be rearing her ugly head for another 4!


My sex life has gotten a little more active lately so I'm glad I have a little tool to keep me in bizniz! My poonani is thanking me right now. I hope the side effects don't have me bitching up a storm!

The good thing is that I'm not having more kids and Mr. D has been snipped so I felt like taking BC pills was a joke. I felt they were wasted on me. I like the concept of the ring better. Only have to change it once a month and surf the crimson wave once every 4 months. That's my kind of surfin!


I've lost 8 lbs since going on NutraSystem seven days ago.


I don't like the food too much, but it's worth it if I'm losing weight. Though I must admit I lost a good amount on Weight Watcher and I didn't have to buy any special food, just change how I ate, watch my portions, drink more water. (Easy peazy lemon squeezy! Sorry, I've been watching Britcoms again!).

I haven't started my blog about my weight loss journey yet. I haven't had time, plus the fact that my damn DSL isn't working at my new house. For some reason only one of our phone jacks is working and DSL won't even come through it, though we've been getting billed for it. WTF??

So, I'll have that blog up soon. I'm kind of excited to log my progress. I think it'll give me incentive to watch the weight fall off and, hopefully, get encouragement from my blogpals.

So stay tuned for that blog. I'll announce it very soon!

Later beotches!

June 23, 2006

Okay, I Lied. Condemn Me to Hell For It, But Check This Out First

JR Estelle commented on my last posting about homosexuality being a perversion according to
"The Bible"
This link should be mandatory reading for all Fundamentalist, Evangelical Christians. I know there are others out there who realize the Bible is to be interpretted and believe it to have many translation errors. Unfortunately, the fundamentalist believe that the Bible is without error and that God prevented the writers from making a single error.
Why can't He do that for me while I'm writing about the Bible in my blog? it IS a quandry!
I hope you all will agree that this site is excellent clarifying Biblical script and I think Dani and her ilk need to read it.
BTW, JR Estelle makes some great points so read her blog! Shes a wise one!

June 22, 2006

Homophobes and Their Veil of Christianity.

I think Gay Pride Week has drudged up some ugly stuff.

There has been a lot of debate about Dani's blog lately and I just want to put my two cents in.

This woman is a Evangelical Christian zealot. Zealot is defined as a fanatically committed person. She is definitely committed to her Christian values and morals. But who isn't committed to their own beliefs?

That being said, I must also state that she seems very calm when commenting back on people who comment on her post and exclaim their belief that she is a friggin' nutcase. While yes, she is a nutcase, we must understand her view of things. It is quite apparent to me that she has been sheltered within the arms of a strong holding church after her bout with lesbianism. In fact, I would imagine that her family gives up 10% or more of their annual earnings to their church. A church that is probably more cult-like in it's "management" of its "flock" than a place of worship where all are welcome to join in fellowship. It's quite obvious that her church would rather condemn a person for sexual preference regardless of his or her belief system or moral fiber which could be as strong as Dani's herself. For those who haven't been following the saga click here to get started on catching up. Several bloggers got involved in this debate over homosexuality being a perversion against God according to Dani.

It was very clear to me after reading all of the comments and new posts by Dani, Mike, and ~Deb that about 99% of the people posting are open minded, tolerant people who accept those who are different than they. Isn't that what the Bible says God preaches anyway? Love and acceptance? Treating others as you would want to be treated? Judge not lest ye be judged? Instead, the "God fearing" Evangelical Christians do the judging. Perhaps they feel, as righteous Christians, that it is their place to judge since Jesus isn't here to do it and who the hell knows when the "rapture" is due to come so they gotta get a jump on making sure that they have a seat in the "saved" wagon.

To this I say,





If these people did any research on the Bible itself they would learn that there are no original manuscripts, supposedly written by Jesus or his desciples or other earlier prophets. The books have been written and rewritten and removed or edited to allow Kings and the Catholic Church to control the ignorant, God fearing masses. Did you read "ignorant?" I hope so. Because if ignorance is bliss then the Evangelical Christian zealot's must be fantastically ecstatic. They feel "saved" because they believe and accept Jesus Christ as their "personal" savior.

I'm sorry, I guess I just don't know if I believe in this organized religious hooey. I believe in a higher power. I believe in being a giving and good person. I don't know if I believe in heaven more than I believe in other planes of existence. I just don't know. Call it an existential crisis, but I seriously feel that being "faithful" and believing in an entity that cannot be verified and validated as actually existing is, maybe, a sign of looniness. Would anyone concur?

Perhaps I'm being too harsh, but I grew up Catholic and believe(d) in God and all the teachings of the bible, however I was taught to interpet the bible in my own way, that it was NEVER to be taken literally. I mean, come on! If Jesus proclaimed his existence on earth today we would put him in a straight jacket and send him to the looney bin. Because the idea of a man on earth claiming to be Jesus sounds like he's crazy, right? RIGHT. Jesus supposedly turned water into wine and walked on water, as well as spent 40 days in the desert without food or water. Moses brought down the 10 plagues of Egypt on Rameses and his kingdom. Was anyone there to verify what really happened and if they wrote it down, where are the original manuscripts that may have chronicaled such events? Forgive me if I seem callous, but I just have a hard time believing in what sounds overly fantastic. I may be the only agnostic in my family. I have a scientific brain and I believe that if you can see it and you can touch it then it's real.

I may get shunned from my family for believing this way, but I'm sorry. I believe in evolution because scientific research has delivered proof of it. If you would rather believe that God created Adam and Eve from Adam's rib then go right ahead. Knowing what I do about biology and human physiology (former pre-med student here) I know it is not possible and could never have happened. I just can't put faith in a "theory" like that. That fact that people do scares the shit out of me. Do people seriously believe that God talkes to W like he claims? In my opinion the man is the anti-Christ if there is supposed to be one.

If God exists would he allow all the horrors of the world? Would he allow the rape and murder of little children? The truest innocents of the world? Would he allow the mass genocide of races or the horror of AIDS and the Ebola virus?

I guess, because of all the misery in the world, I just reserve my belief for proof. Proof that God A) exists, and B) that he is the benevolent God that "the Bible" would have us believe.

I just don't know. Call me confused, but call me sane and a realist. I just don't get this insane zealotry. I have several Evangelical zealot's in my family and I have written them off as folks I don't want to spend time around. I don't appreciate someone shoving their ideals and beliefs down my throat. I don't do it to them so I won't have them do it to me and they know it. I'm sure, in their minds, this heathen is going to hell in a handbasket and taking my son with me.

Yah, we're heathens I guess. And I just judged those Evangelical Christian zealot's as fanatic freaks so I'm just as guilty of judging.

So fucking be it. At least I am smart enough to realize that we are all human and utilize free will to be who we are and I don't believe that anyone should judge anyone else. We should ALL be allowed to live our lives without the fear of judgemental retribution from bible beaters because we aren't exactly like they are or believe in exactly the same way.

People have freely expressed their opinion on this issue of homosexuality as a perversion. I do not feel that it is. I, as an educated, former Catholic, believe that we as humans should be allowed to love whomever we want and MARRY whomever we want. That, if there is a God, he put us on earth to live and love and respect one another. I think most people do just that, however it would seem that the religious bible thumpers just can't seem to, believing that they are living the doctrine of God's will as it is written in the Bible. That the Bible condemns homosexuality and so should they. Again, the Bible is a book of moral fables. Those who believe these stories as literal truths need to have their heads examined.

Okay, maybe that was more than two cents, but I feel better now. Resume your lives people!

This debate will never end.

June 21, 2006

Mmmmm....Peaches! Ice Cream!! NutriSystem!!!... WHA???

I have been eating nectarines and peaches a lot lately. I don't know what it is about them. I guess their juicy, sweetness is one thing that keeps me coming back to them.

If peaches were women I'd be a lesbian.

Anyway, they're so damned tasty! I don't like the peach fuzz on the skin so I tend to eat more nectarines than peaches. They are virtually the same fruit! I'm eating them on my NutriSystem diet. So far so good on that thing. I haven't cheated once! It has only been 3 days on the diet though. The food isn't too bad. Some of it has that "processed food" taste, but for the most part I'm getting along just fine.

D eats his damned ice cream crispy bars in front of me, that's a true bitch. I love ice cream. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Especially Bruster's fresh, homemade, peach ice cream. It's the foshizzle dizzle!

GAWD, I love ice cream! So, if ice cream and peaches were sex and women, again, I'd be a lesbian.

My muthah made my pops a peach cobbler (his favorite & mine) for father's day and I totally pigged out on it since NutriSystem got my full attention the very next day.

I guess I can cheat once in a while as long as I jump right back on and I don't cheat all day long. Since D and I both want a trip to Mazatlan (if I lose 50LBs by Xmas) he's on my ass to not deviate. I don't want to deviate because I really want this trip as well as I want my old body back!!! I miss being in shape and being able to wear what I want without worrying about a muffin top or a camel toe! And my arms!!! Fuggettaboutit!

I am planning on creating a blog that keeps track of my progress. It's going to be pics of me at various stages of the diet, chronicalling my progress and (hopefully) weightloss. I'll put the link on my sidebar once it's created if anyone interested. I guess I'll be letting you know how much I weigh....ick.

I actually let D see how much I weigh. He said he needed to know in order to make sure I hit my 50 lb weight loss by Xmas or NYE. I plan on hitting that mark no matter what, but it was embarrassing to let my boyfriend see my actual weight! It's no paltry weight either. I'm a big girl, but he and I both are okay with my body, it's the thought of the weight and how big it sounds that freaks me out.


I got nuthin else.

June 15, 2006

A Skin Crawling Experience

Before I moved to Atlanta, 9 years ago (holy shit it's been that long?) I worked in sales for an insurance company. I cold called a lot and, believe me, it sucked. I also visited customers to collect their semi-annual payments from older versions of policies we sold. I ended up in timbuktu every once in a while. Small towns, lots of homes in the country.

Let me tell you about the scariest house I ever visited.

I don't mean scary as in frightening because it had an ominous or ghostly feel to it, but I mean scary as in I didn't want to step foot into the nasty house.

The following is what I saw:

  1. about 100 hound dogs of which 60% were puppies of various ages. I'm not kidding.
  2. A bunch of chickens used for eggs that the customer obviously sold, along with the sign advertising "puppies for sale."
  3. Dog shit and chicken shit EVERYWHERE

That was just outside the house. There were injured and handicapped dogs running around with the healthy ones and the place stunk to high heaven!

As I gingerly stepped into the customer's kitchen from the back door I noticed that the indoors wreaked as bad as the outdoors. Worse, if that is possible, as it was the peak of summer and about 100 degrees farenheit in the shade. The owner, a 70-something woman, was sitting at her kitchen table in a dirty housedress, wiping chicken shit off eggs she was putting into cartons (lovely).

I was there to renew their insurance policy, but didn't dare sit down! As I stood in this woman's kitchen she started to walk toward me while wiping an egg off, but she stopped and stood with me. Unfortunatatley for her she stopped just in the right place for a fly strip, covered in dead flies, to stick to her forehead. She didn't even seem to notice! UGH!

There was crap (varous stacks of magazines, newspapers, junk, dog crap, chicken crap, old, rancid food, etc.) everywhere. Nothing had been cleaned in what appeared to be years.

I never worked faster in my life to get the fuck out of there.

This was out in the boonies in Southern Illinois (I'm from East Central IL) and I didn't know my way around. But I did notice that about 80% of the names on the mailboxes in this particular area were the same as this customer's.

**"Deliverance" banjos begin to play**

I was shakin' in my high heels every time I had to stop at a house with that name on the mailbox!

I can't tell you how many times, as a sales rep, either cold calling or renewing insurance policies, that I came across old people's homes that they never ever cleaned or threw anything away. It was crazy. I once visited a house with stacks of newspapers on the floor that pretty much were almost as tall as me. They were covered in dust! How is it healthy to live in the squallor these people lived in?

I am not the neatest person in the world and, God knows, I hate to clean and put it off as long as I can. But! I do not allow shit to accumulate on my floor from my dog, stack newspapers head high, keep 100's of dogs and chickens, or have multiple fly strips hanging through my kitchen because flies are flocking to the shit covered eggs on my kitchen table or rancid food cluttering the kitchen.

Just remembering this particular home with the chicken shit covered eggs makes me want to hurl.

I felt like I was in an episode of either the X-Files or the Twilight Zone.

If my home looked like that it would be because I was completely paralyzed and couldn't get out of bed. Even then I would be so horrifically embarrassed at the state of my home I would never invite anyone to step inside it!

Truly, the thought is mortifying!

June 12, 2006

Long Time No Post!

I had a frightening experience the other day.

I was in my new kitchen, unpacking boxes and finding places for everything. My BF's daughter "A" was standing just inside the doorway watching me and chatting with me. Out of the corner of my eye I see her lean back as though she's going to lean against the wall behind her.


She not only HIT the wall, but she slid to the floor and started to seize. Not a grand mall, lighter than that, but a seizure none the less. I have never been around a person who has seized, only my dog from childhood who had epilepsy, and that was unbelievable to watch.

This was different. It was a person, and D's daughter to boot!

Her hands curled inward toward her wrist's and her eyes glazed over. She wasn't moving really, just slight seizing, but she seemed to not "be" with me.

I called her name several times and she didn't respond. I started yelling for D, but got no response, so I called for my son. I asked him to go find D quickly and bring him to the kitchen, that 'A' was having some sort of seizure.

Right after he walked out the door, I started yelling her name again and all of a sudden she said "What?" as though nothing had happened.

Freaked my shit right out!

My first thoughts were that she either had seizure disorder or hypoglycemia, perhaps even low blood pressure. She claimed that she might be dehydrated because she had done that only once before and that was the cause. She said she felt herself blacking out and she leaned back to the wall to avoid falling (uh, too late).

Well, that was mighty scary for me. I didn't really know how to handle it. I got the impression that she didn't want her dad to know. It worked out okay, because 'J' never came back with 'D'. Great at following directions, my son is. (ooh, I just channeled Yoda!). I told him later that evening when we were alone. I got the impression from 'A' that she didn't want to make a big deal out of it. D was unaware that she'd ever done that before. He was concerned, but didn't say anything more to me about it. I'm sure he's spoken to her about it and will mention it to her mother, but I'm not going to get involved in that. Her mother has a tendency to be a vindictive BEOTCH toward D so I'm going dark on this one!

Now for the good news (at least to me)...

We've gotten the house together quite a bit. It's not close to being done though. We still have my office to move into the house from the garage, plus a set of couches, some dressers, blah, blah blah. Still a lot to do.

I have no energy for it.


There is cute, little, male weiner dog that runs around our neighborhood. He just travels through yards like he owns the place. He's TINY, but adorable as most tiny dogs are. I don't know his name, but he watches me walk Phoebe and just stands, mesmerized. I think he would like to come meet her, but he may be afraid of her because she's bigger than he is. I guess no one thinks anything of this dog roaming free. I don't know who he belongs to, but I'd love to have him! Phoebe wouldn't attack him because he's male, unless, because he's smaller than she is, she thinks he's some sort of animal she's supposed to tree or hunt down. Who knows??

Moving along...

Has anyone heard that song by Gnarles Barkely, "Crazy?" My 60 year old mom is lovin' that song! It freaks me out because she is listening to the ATL alternative station (99X) to try to hear it. She just needs to buy the damn CD. I listen to DaveFM myself. I prefer it's eclectic songlist, while I drive during rush hour, to 99X's dumbass trio that host their morning show. It sucks. They are retarded, I mean really reTARDed.

Gnarles Barkely performed their song "Crazy" on the MTV Movie awards last night. They were all dressed in Star Wars costumes. Chewbacca was playing the drums, a jedi knight was playing the keyboards. Two storm troopers were playing guitar, Darth Vadar was singing and rebel fighter pilots were singing backup. It was just a tad retaaaaaaarded. But, they're pretty damn soulful if you ask me. I like their music. So many great artists are coming out of the UK lately. I'm LOVIN' it. One of my favorites is Jamie Cullum. I also like Michael Buble and Diana Krall. Of course Elvis Costello, Diana's hubby. There are too damn many to name, but I'm enjoying what I'm hearing!

Oh, more interesting news.

Many of you may know that I had to put my son in a clinic for people with behavior problems or addiction. He had been smoking pot regularly and he was failing out of school. In fact, he wouldn't even go to school at all. I was having major issues with him sleeping all day and not going to bed at night. It was driving me bonkers.

He seemed to do an about face after spending a week as a partial inpatient. I thought "Great! Now we're on the road to a better place!"

How fucking wrong can a person be? Let me just tell you.

While moving some things into my son's new room D noticed that he had locked his bathroom door. J wasn't with us most of the weekend, he was staying with my parents. So D and I got his door unlocked and started looking around for telltale signs. Nothing was outwardly visible, and why would it be? I looked all through his bathroom cabinets and found some black shirts stuffed into a cabinet. Behind those shirts was a homemade bong. He had made it out of an empty 2L Sprite bottle, a straw and empty pen tube and a cable connector. Ingenius little shit.

Then D found what was left of his stash. Not much, but a few seeds and some stems.

Since this happened, D and I decided to empty our own little stash that was given to us and quit altogether. I can't be a hypocrit. My son has NO clue that I have done this other than during my college years. That's the way I'd like it to stay. I don't do it often, in fact I can count on one hand how many times I have done it since college, but since someone gifted us with a little we have just decided to enjoy it and destress from this bullshit of our move. So, now we're done in hopes of getting the kid into a better frame of mind and far from the losers he calls friends.

So, things are going well other than all the bizarre trauma's we've had lately.

How're things going with ya'll?

June 03, 2006

I should be cookies or brownies because....

I got baked to the gills last night. Not something I do often, but someone gave me and the bf some good stuff and WOW, my friend KT and I got so fried!

Notice how I speak in cooking references when I talking about how high I got? Goes with the territory I guess. Gettin' the munchies.

All we ended up munching on was these great salt & pepper potato chips and we shared a Lil' Debbie Nutty Bar (YUM!). We drank a few Corona Lites and watched some old Chappelle Show reruns she had Tivo'd and laughed our fool heads off. What a relaxing night that was! In fact, I fell asleep on her couch and started snoring like a buzzsaw apparently. I slept on her couch. No WAY in HELL I could have driven home.

So, this morning I got up and got my nails done, they were way to long so now they're nice and a bit shorter and I can type like wind again. LOVING IT! I had to run to the post office and the bank too, then to my parents. My new company hasn't started taking taxes out of my check so my dad (retired tax auditor) configured my quarterly tax payments to the state and federal government until the tax ID's are set up. This is a new sister company to the company that actually paid me. But since my company doesn't have the tax ID's for state and federal yet they cannot legally take taxes out of my check. No biggee. It helps to have a dad that used to be tax man. He's always helping me figure out what I need to be doing. He handed me everything I need to make payments, including the estimated amount for each! Love my pop!

Speaking of my pop, he's the bomb diggity! He paid for my Uhaul when we moved our stuff. His contribution to my move, he says. A few moves ago (about 7 years ago) he was helping me move a mattress out of a UHaul truck and my little nephew (2 at the time) came wandering out of the house and walked right up to us. The mattress started to fall toward him and my dad and I tried to catch it. Pop slipped out of the truck and hit the side of his head on the UHaul back tail light and nearly cut his ear OFF. It bled like a stuck pig! It was awful!!! Skin was hanging from the tailight which apparently had a sharp metal piece sticking off of it that was not supposed to be that way! Mom drove Pop to the emergency room and they had to call in a plastic surgeon to repair his ear. It cut through the ear into the skin of his skull beind it. LOVELY! Ever since that day my pop has refused to assist in any more of my moves.

So, thankfully I have the greatest boyfriend in the world to help me. He moved most of my stuff all by himself! (What a man, what a man, what a might good man!!) I don't remember if I posted this or not, but he gave me some extra incentive to lose the weight I'm trying to lose. I want to lose 50 lbs by Christmas (I'm starting NutriSystem on Monday, 6/5) so he said, if I lose the 50 lbs by New Years Eve that he will take me to Mazatlan Mexico for a week. I'm all about a trip like that. I have incentive now to lose even more! This is my last attempt to lose weight before I go seek bariatric surgery which I truly do not want! I'm hoping, with exercise and this NutriSystem diet I will stick like glue to, that I will lose even more than 50 lbs by the end of teh year, like maybe 70! But, in a year's time I hope to have lost at least 100 lbs. I'm that much overweight. I'd like to lose 120 lbs actually. My PCOS and stress galore from so much that has gone on in my life the last few years have packed on the pounds! It's a lot of weight to carry around. I can't weight to get in shape and feel better! Now I have even more incentive to do so with this trip!!! Woohoo!

Speaking of the BF, D is in our hometown (where KB lives just 10 miles from) this weekend. He went for his daughter's graduation and to bring her home with him for two weeks. He's managed, in one day, to see a lot of family, go out to dinner with friends, see his step daughter and go shopping for his cousin's 2 year old daughter's birthday. Now he's spending time at that party with more family. Busy boy!

His divorce from his 2nd wife FINALLY came through yesterday. She is apparently queen of procrastination. She likes to do things the easy way and in her own time. When she weighed in at 280 lbs (strangely healthy too) she just scheduled gastric bypass surgery and dropped 160 lbs in a year. She doesn't like to put any effort into anything apparently. D says she has Borderline Personality Disorder. Nugget Maven has a family member with this disorder so she knows what D went through for six years with this woman and that, ultimately, she kicked him out for a new man who would kiss her ass even more than D did.

The world is full of fucked up people.

Anyway, tomorrow, while he's in our home town, he has to go gather his remaining posessions he left at her house before he left town last year. I know he wasn't looking forward to seeing her again. He has some mixed emotions about her. Hopefully, the divorce and seeing her happy with someone else, will bring ultimate closure to this relationship for him. I don't think he's had much since they split. Like I said, she has BPD and she's a counselor for behavior disordered teens so she knows how to manipulate and play with peoples' heads. Nice girl huh?

Damn, it's after 2PM and I haven't eaten yet. I gotta git some chow in my belly! Not sure what the hell I'm gonna eat. I'm staying in someone's house while they're gone for the weekend and I don't want to eat their food. Since tomorrow is my last day prior to starting NutriSystem I think I'll eat whatever I want! We have a Backyard Burger down the road and it rocks like HELL! I love their burgers! To DIE for. Really. But, we'll see. I may just go for a sub sandwich from Lenny's. I can at least attempt to eat healthier there.
Later on!

June 02, 2006

Random B.S.

I almost fell asleep driving to work today. It was crazy. Probably because I got way baked last night with the BF and then got up way early this morning. It was so hard to keep my eyes open! In fact it felt like I had one eye up on my forehead and the other down on my cheek. It was a weird, sleepy, exhausting feeling!


My little Parson (Jack) Russell Terrier, Phoebe, thinks she's the alpha female when she's around other dogs. But only when it's female dogs. Around bigger male dogs, she's all cute and twitches her little furry ass for the big boys. But a bigger, female dog??? She forgets she's only about 10-15 lbs and tries to kill! Goes straight for the jugular each time.

The last two nights she's fought with this neighbor dog, Abbey. Abbey is 3 times the size of ole Phoeb's, but Phoebe hasn't seemed to figure it out yet. She went straight for Abbey a second time and myself, D and Abbey's owner had a difficult time separating them. Phoebe ended up with some deep puncture wounds the first night that bleed like a motherfucker. Didn't deter her though. The next night she was rearing for more punishment. I love her to death but this aggressiveness toward other female dogs makes me tired. She's adorable, but can be one ferocious lil' bitch!


Tonight I'm going to a friend's house to hang since I'm alone for the weekend. We're gonna sit around drinking Corona Lites and, hopefully, laugh our asses off with some potent 420! I love having a girls 'evening-in' sometimes. Tomorrow we're going out for cocktails. You'd think I could stay home by myself for a night. What a big baby I am. I can't even stay home alone for one evening! I can sleep by myself all alone in that house, no problem. Guess I'm just not one for boredom. I haven't had the luxury of boredom for way too long!


Gotta run, I'm leaving work now. I'm not ready to jump into traffic, but I don't have a choice. Too much traffic in ATL. I love this place, but I could SO live without the traffic.

Later taters!

June 01, 2006

My achy breaky back and asshat attorneys.

Yah, we're still not moved in and it looks as though this may not happen today either. The damned attorneys keep fucking everything up. They forgot one document and we were told that they would get it this afternoon, but there wouldn't be any attorney's available. Two days we've been supposed to close now.
I don't know how much more moving and picking up heavy shit my poor back can take.
If I die somebody please take care of my blog! *cheesy, sorrowful, pouty look*
Love ya'll! Chat you up soon!!